Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Pattern : Lying in the Meadow Cowl

sorry, i havn't been blogging often and i probably won't do too much but i will get some more patterns for you.

Yarn: Deborah Norville chunky
needle: 8 (10)
Other stuff: yarn needle, scissors thread, and 2 buttons.

NOTE: if you want an adult size cowl you will use size 10 needles, no other Mods.

Lets get started!
Cast on 15 stitches and knit one row, mark this side as a wrong side row.
R 1: K2TOG knit to last st. KFB
R 2:KFB knit to last 2 sts. K2TOG

repeat these 2 rows for 14 (19) inches from the cast on edge

next row: do 2 3 st.button holes keeping up the pattern, sorry i am still trying to figure out what i did.. sorry!

next row: knit to button gaps and cast on 3 sts.
bind off.

fit the two edges like a puzzle piece and stitch on buttons.

Enjoy your new cowl!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Horse park!

Okay! I'm back! So... today was a very fun day! and a CRAZY ONE! I started the day going to the horse park! We saw so may cool things! there where tons and tons of beautiful horses! I even got to go for a two mile ride on a horse with my brother and dad! My horses name was Dakota my brothers was Pocahontas and my dads was Hildago. We had a great time! And then we went home and we were SOOOOOOO TIRED! but like a half an hour later we had to go to a party! I was exhausted! so overall it was a pretty fun day!

                                                                                                        the exhausted Morgan

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi! I'm back again! and this link I'm going to give you has nothing to do with toys, But I'm going to show you anyway! The link I'm giving you Is a link that goes to one of my favorite designers! Here you go!


Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have been gone for about 6 months! I am so sorry for the delay! my mind has just been going crazy with knitted things! so i am going to start blogging whenever possible! Again i am sorry I have been gone so long and I hope to design more and more fun patterns!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

you'll need
size 1 dpns
scrap yarn
yarn needle
black yarn

Lets get started!
cast on 6 stitches and divide onto dpns and join
rnd1 k
rnd2 kfb in each stitch (12)
rnd3 k
rnd4 kfb k1 to the end (18)
k 12 rnds
next rnd k2tog in each stitch
stuff the toy now
break yarn and draw through stitches and close
embroider eyes with black yarn

work as for cucumber except don't do increase rnds, just cast on 18 stitches and continue as writen

work increase rnds as for cucumber
k 6 rounds
next rnd k2tog in each stitch finish as for cucumber

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Pattern: Camo

kfb: knit front and back of stitch
rep: repeat
k: knit
CO: cast on
dpns: double pointed needles
k2tog: knit 2 together
in: inch
rnd: round
stuff you'll need
about 30 yards of yarn
12 mm safety eyes ( or black yarn)
a yarn needle
size 3 dpns
lets get started!!!!!!!!
co 6 stitches on to the dpns
rnd1: k
rnd2:kfb in each st rep to end (12 sts)
rnd4:rep rnd 2 (24 sts)
rnd6: kfb k1 rep to the end of rnd
rnd8:kfb k2 to end of rnd
rnd9-19 k
rnd20:k2tog k2 to end of rnd
stuff and add safety eyes
rnd22:k2tog k1 to end of rnd
rnd24:k2tog rep to end of rnd
rnd26 rep rnd 24
break yarn and draw through sts with a yarn needle and.......

you're done!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


well its time to say goodbye to our dear petey because he's been scaring people. well that's all :(